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Concrete Driveway and Additions – Aurora

Concrete driveways are durable and permanent additions to a home that are poured in a variety of designs and shapes. They improve the overall appearance of a home, reduce soil erosion, and also provide a clean and nice place for parking vehicles. If you’re building a new home or you’re replacing a worn-out concrete driveway, then contact our company Aurora Concrete Service for the installation. Below are the concrete driveway approaches of how the installation process goes about:

A base or no base?

To prolong the lifespan of a concrete driveway and reduce the need for repairs every now and then, the installation needs to be poured on a stable and solid ground. In some cases, it’s also necessary to perform some excavation and add base material to stabilize soil in the area in order to support the driveway installation properly. The soil type in your property will help us determine whether a base is required or not for the driveway installation.


Proper drainage is essential to keep the concrete driveway from failing. It’s through grading whereby water will flow smoothly away from your home toward a reservoir. However, without grading, rainwater will run down your concrete driveway or accumulate of its surface and thus resulting in failure. It’s not compulsory to have a head to foot grading. It can be done in a manner that water runs from a single side. In case your concrete driveway slopes toward your home, we can employ some techniques like swale installation in order to compensate for the slope and direct water away from your home.

Thickness and strength

The thickness required depends on some factors as follows:
– The soil around the driveway installation area
– Industry regulations and standards within the locality
– The kind of frequent vehicles on your driveway

Majority of the driveways are largely used by passenger vehicles. We provide a standard weight strength that doesn’t limit the type of vehicles that use your concrete driveway.


Transitions refer to a place where the driveway ends, and another different surface begins. Majority of the concrete driveways have at least 2 transitions. One of them meets up with the sidewalk, and the other one leads to the garage. We’ll ensure that the garage transition doesn’t create a tripping and falling hazard. We’ll also make the driveway additions on street or sidewalk transition as level and smooth as possible to prevent bumper damage.


For a concrete driveway to have a long life span, there must be adequate width. Most driveways measure between 10 and 12 feet wide. This isn’t the limit since your driveways should be wide enough to prevent vehicles from driving off the edge. Driving off the concrete edge will slowly break the edges.

In conclusion, if you’re a resident of Aurora, Colorado and you’re looking for an expert to install any type of concrete driveways including circle driveways, then Aurora Concrete Service is the best solution. We are also experienced, licensed and bonded concrete contractors in Aurora. You can contact us via 720-594-2798 to get free quotes on all concrete services and any other inquiry.